broad table studio

We are a studio focused on creating personalized living experiences and platforming voices while cultivating spaces for all.

This approach to creating puts your life experience at the forefront of design. Whether it be a living space, a creative space, a table for gathering over meals, or a display for your greatest treasures, we want to collaborate with you on creating something beautiful and lasting.

Have a space to grow or a story to tell? Let’s be in touch!


we make

  • custom furniture
  • woodwork
  • built-ins
  • personalized living spaces
  • interior design, flow, and vibe

we are

  • welcoming
  • inclusive
  • platforming others
  • curating artistry
  • original
  • from the hand
  • intentional about gathering people together

yoshi josh michels creative

“as a creative i hope to tell stories, make things, platform voices, and build spaces for more of that to happen”